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Friday, 29 October 2010

an ok kind of week

So not a great week, an ok kind of week, but not a great week...but decided not to be to hard on myself and have to remember to just try again next week, so go a little slower. It's been a bad week with killer headaches, aka migraines. So just scraped through the week with getting all the day to day stuff done - put the exercise on the back burner. Did manage to get a little bit in though, especially some stretching and walking when we had sunny days.  

Meals were ok, not great, but ok - had to feed my migraine some comfort food! Monday was take away, as we were home late. Tuesday was baked chicken with white beans and veggies, also had a mixed berry crumble for pudding with custard - it's this chilly Autumn weather - it gets me every time! Wednesday was turkey meatballs in a tomato sauce with onions, garlic and spaghetti. Thursday was yummo (I guess that means it was not good for the diet) - spaghetti pasta with potatoes, peas, bacon, garlic and chilli* - the migraine loved it - almost gone this morning (thank god) and now I'm wishing there was left over’s from last night for breakfast!  *this recipe was modified from here.  Dinner tonight will be something like baked chicken and veggies with a green salad on the side.

As a family we are loving these cold Autumn evenings - Fridays we love especially as we settle down with some TV shows from home - at the moment we are watching 'The Block', snug inside with a baked dinner and a pudding with custard...mmmm. Not sure it's great for the diet, but it's great for the soul and that's got to be good for you! 
Here's the link to my favourite baked chicken dish - sorry Jamie couldn't find it on your website.


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  1. Poor thing, I suffer from Migrane's too. Comfort food is a must when you are feeling like that! Hope it gets better soon (I agree, it's much harder to eat leaner in Autumn and winter!)