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Friday, 29 October 2010

an ok kind of week

So not a great week, an ok kind of week, but not a great week...but decided not to be to hard on myself and have to remember to just try again next week, so go a little slower. It's been a bad week with killer headaches, aka migraines. So just scraped through the week with getting all the day to day stuff done - put the exercise on the back burner. Did manage to get a little bit in though, especially some stretching and walking when we had sunny days.  

Meals were ok, not great, but ok - had to feed my migraine some comfort food! Monday was take away, as we were home late. Tuesday was baked chicken with white beans and veggies, also had a mixed berry crumble for pudding with custard - it's this chilly Autumn weather - it gets me every time! Wednesday was turkey meatballs in a tomato sauce with onions, garlic and spaghetti. Thursday was yummo (I guess that means it was not good for the diet) - spaghetti pasta with potatoes, peas, bacon, garlic and chilli* - the migraine loved it - almost gone this morning (thank god) and now I'm wishing there was left over’s from last night for breakfast!  *this recipe was modified from here.  Dinner tonight will be something like baked chicken and veggies with a green salad on the side.

As a family we are loving these cold Autumn evenings - Fridays we love especially as we settle down with some TV shows from home - at the moment we are watching 'The Block', snug inside with a baked dinner and a pudding with custard...mmmm. Not sure it's great for the diet, but it's great for the soul and that's got to be good for you! 
Here's the link to my favourite baked chicken dish - sorry Jamie couldn't find it on your website.


Friday, 22 October 2010

a good start

i feel like i got off to a good start this week. i really made an effort and i'm proud of myself. it all started out well and i tried to keep up the momentum. i made a conscientious effort to cut out the CRAP and in doing so i had a couple of wine free nights, and when i did indulge it was only a glass or 2 of red with dinner (in my mind i'm thinking ''Mediterranean way of life'' whenever I have my glass of red with dinner) . meals were pretty well thought out with chicken 1 night so far, fish two nights, beef one night and all accompanied by lots of fresh leafy green salads. i've cut back on the caffeine, only had one or 2 coffees but need to reassess the tea intake (i do so love a nice cuppa, especially when someone else makes it for you).

wednesday i took a bit of a breather exercise-wise and decided to call it a mental health day. thursday, even though it was only 3°c, took a brisk 30min walk which got the blood pumping! today back downstairs with the same exercise routine i started on monday. 

next week i'm going to have a closer look at meal planning and keeping track of what i eat, and increasing the exercise by upping the repetitions and adding in some weight bearing exercises. 

dinners this week, so far, have been 

*chicken with white beans, cherry toms and red peppers
*tuna pasta salad (only a small amount of pasta for me)
*''bavarian meatballs'' with red wine gravy
*tuna patties with salad
*baked chicken with baked veggies

all meals included a nice big leafy green salad (love my leafy greens) with a splash of olive oil and a splash of balsamic. i need to increase the amount of fish and decrease the red meat. need to work on that. 

also this week i stared some vitamin infusions with my homeopathic ENT. now that winter is setting in and the kids are coming home from school with colds, i thought it would be a good idea to start boosting my immune system. plus good news...lost a kilo! 

feeling good! 


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

mental health day

having a mental health day today. and don't we all need those some days. yes sireeee we do.  my german tutor and friend petra came for a visit this morning. we hadn't seen each other since july. a whole season has passed. that's the longest we've been apart since I arrived here 2 and a bit years ago. i've missed her. we had so much to catch up on. so many stories to share. it was wonderful. so no stretching or exercising has been done today. but i have had a great mental health day and that does wonders for the body and soul.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Did it again and the motivation for it

Yep, did it again. Pulled on the trackies after a bit of morning blog reading and headed downstairs to the 'room of doom'. So here I am again, pretty happy with myself! Just have to remember to go easy, baby steps and all that.

There have been times in my life where I have embraced exercise and diet with that all or nothing kind of gusto. Only for a short time though. A few weeks later I'd be tired, sore and grumpy and would easily fall back to into the arms of my bad old habits. Mmmm, it was comfy there. Yo-yo diet and exerciser, yes that's me. 

But now that I'm older and wiser (well older anyway, i know this because my knees hurt a lot after doing about 3 lunges) I have learnt from my previous attempts and this time I'm really (really) going to try to give it a serious go. This time it's going to be a far more gentle approach and with the thought of it as a 'new way of eating' and not just a 'diet'. My focus will be more on on my health this time around, not just weight loss like it was back in the old days in my 20's & 30's. 2 kids on and a chronic inflammatory disease in my lungs has changed my view on life.  Now it's time to actually get serious about things and pull myself out of a 10 year rut!

So today, back downstairs I plodded. Did 5 mins stretching, 10 mins on xtrainer thingy, 5 mins on rower and then another 10 mins stretching including some girly pushups, hip extensions, squats and some extra stretching for the lower back (had a bit of a sore back last night). Basically I follow the exercises in this video put together by James Duigan (Elles personal trainer) from here. Then back upstairs to have a protein shake to wash down a vast array of vitamin tabs! Also included some Total Greens in my shake. 

I managed to avoid chocolate & vino yesterday, it was hard but I did it. No coffee but quite a few teas and one really naughty cuppa was when the kids came home from school and we had some afternoon tea. Naughty me had a cookie or 2. But I promise to faithfully improve on this afternoon tea addiction, in time. Well, try to anyway (my sweet tooth is a killer!). 

Dinner was pretty good, I thought, baked chicken with white beans, cherry toms and red peppers with a mixed leafy green salad. Followed dinner with a mandarin and then later a 'sleepy time' tea (peppermint, camomile and fennel) to help me sleep. 

Dinner tonight is tuna pasta salad. 

So, all in all I think I'm off to a good start. Will see how we go tomorrow.

** just wanted to mention where my motivation came from yesterday. I like to read through my favourite blogs in the mornings (because I can). And 2 really stood out yesterday. Both totally different blogs, but both written from the heart. The Clea Salavert Library, dedicated to the memory of one very special little girl. I find so much inspiration in this one little blog. 

**And on the health and fitness side of things, DaniV from Health and Fitness Mum has been a bit of an inspiration for me since stumbling upon her blog.  I really liked her body love post and it got me thinking about my own body and which bits i like (might join in the body love blog, but a bit scared to) and which bits i don't ie. the bits I need to change. So I've made a start on those bits. Thanks for a kick start to my motivation. 


Monday, 18 October 2010

pretty excited...

Pretty excited here, think I've finally got some of my mojo back. Some of the old light is shining again. Don't know how it happened, don't know how the switch was flicked but whatever and however it happened i'm pretty excited that it did!

So after moping about for a week (and previous to that much more moping had already been done for quite some time) after my good friend and her family left last week (after a wonderful 8 days visiting us here in munich - oh it was so good to have some company from home) and having eaten my way through a small mountain of chocolate to dull out the pain of missing them (ummm, yes it really was a small mountain) I've finally got myself back on track. Started this morning with some exercise - only a little, but it's a good start right? Any is better than none? Yes sireeee it is!

So i'm thinking if I  write  about it, it could be good motivation for me to continue on with it, as I really, and I mean R E A L L Y  need to shed a few kilos before we come home to Oz at Christmas. I'm back up to around 86 kilos - ugh!!  My motivation usually wanes after a few weeks, but this time I'm hoping to keep it topped up. I HAVE to fit into my summer clothes when we go home - plus I need to lose some weight before I fly - it absolutely kills me to fly - 24 hours on a plane - I hate it with a passion.

This morning, after having a little look through some of my favourite blogs - which is my source of inspiration, I headed downstairs. Put on some music, did some stretching and hopped on the cross trainer for about 10 mins (after I had dusted it off and removed any pieces of Lego what would impede its use). Mental note to self: must read up on heart rate - not too sure that mine was in a good range (mine was more into the ''ohmygoodness that is a little on the high side, isn't it'' range).

Then hopped onto the rowing machine (yes, again after giving it a good dust off and removing any Bioncles/ Star Wars lego bases that had been built around it) for 5 mins. Back onto the cross trainer for 5 min warm down and then some more stretching - incorporating some inner thigh exercises that I pulled out of the memory bank from about a million years ago when I used to be much, much more fit and healthy, some lovely yoga stretches (oh boy that feels good), managed to do the Plank (or is it called The Bridge now?) for a total of 40 seconds, which I thought was pretty good for someone who had almost forgot how to do them, and some girly push ups. Oh and some squats. Only did one rep of about 15 for most, but will increase as the days and weeks roll on. But as I said I'm pretty happy with just being able to do what I did and I'm happy with that - tis a huge start! Yay to me!!

Oh and as for diet, it's now after midday and as yet no chocolate! Hey, it's a great start.

 pretty happy with myself for just getting on with it and 'just do it' (as they say)! 


this is the type of motivation I need! pic from here

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Alka...lize yourself!

Found this all important info on acidity and alkalinity today on The Suveran's blog...

How to be disease free - Alkalise yourself

"Ideal DIET is Alkaline 80% to Acid 20%, ACID is the basis for disease. Disease cannot prosper in PH above 8.5 (easy to test your PH), keep your ph high, and you can’t lose...
enjoy life…dis..ease free."