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Friday, 22 October 2010

a good start

i feel like i got off to a good start this week. i really made an effort and i'm proud of myself. it all started out well and i tried to keep up the momentum. i made a conscientious effort to cut out the CRAP and in doing so i had a couple of wine free nights, and when i did indulge it was only a glass or 2 of red with dinner (in my mind i'm thinking ''Mediterranean way of life'' whenever I have my glass of red with dinner) . meals were pretty well thought out with chicken 1 night so far, fish two nights, beef one night and all accompanied by lots of fresh leafy green salads. i've cut back on the caffeine, only had one or 2 coffees but need to reassess the tea intake (i do so love a nice cuppa, especially when someone else makes it for you).

wednesday i took a bit of a breather exercise-wise and decided to call it a mental health day. thursday, even though it was only 3°c, took a brisk 30min walk which got the blood pumping! today back downstairs with the same exercise routine i started on monday. 

next week i'm going to have a closer look at meal planning and keeping track of what i eat, and increasing the exercise by upping the repetitions and adding in some weight bearing exercises. 

dinners this week, so far, have been 

*chicken with white beans, cherry toms and red peppers
*tuna pasta salad (only a small amount of pasta for me)
*''bavarian meatballs'' with red wine gravy
*tuna patties with salad
*baked chicken with baked veggies

all meals included a nice big leafy green salad (love my leafy greens) with a splash of olive oil and a splash of balsamic. i need to increase the amount of fish and decrease the red meat. need to work on that. 

also this week i stared some vitamin infusions with my homeopathic ENT. now that winter is setting in and the kids are coming home from school with colds, i thought it would be a good idea to start boosting my immune system. plus good news...lost a kilo! 

feeling good! 


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